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SAFILUM Société Africaine d'Industrie Luminaire, was founded in 1982, and has succeeded for more than 35 years of experience, to position itself among the leaders in the fields of the manufacture of low voltage electrical equipment and the manufacture of decorative lighting candelabra.

These are both:

  The experience and passion for the profession acquired over the years which have undoubtedly contributed to enriching the design and development of the various ranges of products.


  •   The structural investment policy consisting in investing more and more resources.
  •   The daily search for technical innovations to keep up with technological developments.
  •   The search for new innovative products in the very varied fields of electricity and lighting.
  •   The requirement for the choice of the most efficient materials used.

This set is at the origin of a powerful industrial infrastructure:

  •   A park of plastic injection machines of a high technological level.
  •   A qualified and competent workforce which allows a rapid and efficient response.
  •   An aluminum casting foundry for the manufacture of decorative lighting candelabra "poles, lanterns and wall lights"

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